noisemote_N_blue30Smart noise monitoring

Noisemote® is the real-time control service for environmental noise control. Noisemote  sensors continuously monitor the environment by collecting data and sending real-time alerts if noise levels exceed the prescribed treshold. Noisemote is smart and easy to manage. Sensor data are represented through detailed and easy to read charts available on a reserved area on the Noisemote  platform. The system also stores all acquired data, allowing to view and analyze trends over time. Contact us to learn more.

noisemote_N_verde30Easy and reliable

The Noisemote ® hardware is a small device equipped with a microphone, sending real-time measurements to an online archive always available. It has true wireless capabilities. That means no cables are really needed for powering and data transmission. The device is well suitable for outdoor installation, easy to setup and manage.  By mean of new low cost tecnologies, Noisemote makes distributed long term noise monitoring came true.

noisemote_N_arancio30Created by BlueWave®

Noisemote® is a BlueWave  project. BlueWave operates in the field of research and development of new technologies in the field of electro-acoustics and environmental acoustics. Thanks to its multiyear experience, BlueWave  is able to operate in a flexible and creative way to meet the needs of its customers, identifying specific solutions for each situation. Contact us to find out more.